Commercial window cleaning services Alloa
industrial window cleaning Alloa
Commercial window cleaning services Alloa

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Window cleaners trained to the highest standards

Commercial Window Cleaning Services in Alloa


SG Pro Cleaning offer commercial window cleaning services across central Scotland. With our ‘Reach and Wash‘ system we are able to clean windows up to 65ft high. Our system is perfect for commercial window cleaning services. Using the reach and wash system means that we don’t have to leave the ground when washing windows at high heights. It is the most effective and safest way to clean windows. Using the wash and reach system optimises results.

Our team of commercial window cleaners were fully trained at the British Window Cleaning Academy. They are also part of the ClearChoice scheme. Our team of window cleaners are always aware of their surroundings. They are trained to act professionally whatever the situation may be. Our team will often encounter guest relation situations and they will be respectful and courteous when around these sort of business/buildings. Examples of this include schools or hotels.


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Windows are a key part of a customers journey and are hugely important to businesses such as hotels and car show rooms. This is because the glass windows magnify the product and emphasise the standard of the establishment. Window cleaning services range from once per week to 3 times per month and much of this depends on the location e.g. traffic prone areas. Most businesses require a monthly service, however, this can be increased or decreased to suit your business needs.

We currently work with business including: hotels, schools, offices, property management companies, retail and car garage/show rooms. Our reach and wash system is suitable for a range of commercial buildings. The reach and wash system is also excellent for tackling algae or to give buildings fresh, clean new look. An emerging market for window cleaning is solar panels on the roofs of buildings. Cleaning solar panels ensures the best results possible.

Our team can offer commercial window cleaning services to areas across central Scotland. If you are looking for a reliable and professional commercial window cleaning service then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team would be happy to help with any question you have.

Window Cleaning Clients

commercial window cleaning services Alloa
window cleaning services Alloa
commercial window cleaning services Alloa

Reach and Wash up to 70ft

Fully Insured with Risk Assessments

Polite and Courteous Team

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